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    Epub error: TOC Text Anchor not found


      I have a 150 page cookbook which has been successfully sent off for physical print, but I am having problems creating the fixed flow Epub version.

      When I export the book (which was created from scratch in CC), I get the following error.


      The file was exported but one or more problems were detected:

      TOC Text Anchor not found : 1

        TOC text anchor "_idTOCAnchor-80" in "/Users/me/Creative Cloud Files/Cookbook ebook.indd" is missing


      Note that 'Make text anchor in source paragraph' is checked.


      The symptoms in the epub output file are as follows.

      The Chapter headings up until page 51 appear correctly.

      After page 51, there is no text where the chapter headings should be, but the remainder of the output is OK.


      Does anyone know what I can do to diagnose this problem.



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          SMark59 Level 1

          Check the file to determine if the content that is missing the anchor has been rasterized.


          If you get the alert message:

          "Inline objects like text frames, groups etc. have been rasterized."


          It is a good indication that the target the link points to has been rasterized and as result won't work.


          Restructure the document so the destination of the link isn't in a group, or an inline object or part of a table.