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    Synced settings do not apply until I scroll over them

    RageKageMedia Level 1

      Hi there,


      I did some searching on this topic but couldn't find any answers using this wording. So I recently upgraded to Adobe CC and I'm running Lightroom 2015.2.1.


      My problems arise when I want to apply develop settings to a batch of time-lapse photos via sync. It appears that Lightroom only applies the sync settings when I scroll to photos previously unedited, as opposed to applying the changes regardless of the scroll bar position.
      So say I am making changes to photo 600 out of 1200; I finish what I want, copy develop settings, cmd-A, sync all settings, give it time to render/apply/work. Regardless of how long I leave Lightroom alone, whenever I jump to say picture 1 to check that the settings have been applied properly, Lightroom acts as if it is only just starting to render this set of photos ( e.g. first 40 in Library Grid mode).


      Am I doing something wrong? Is this how sync is designed? Why doesn't it just update all the photos immediately?


      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


      Computer specs;

      Mac Pro OSX 10.9.5

      Dual AMD D700's
      64GB RAM
      Quad Core

      1TB internal SSD
      4 TB Hybrid SSD/SATA Raid (where the files are located)