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    Edit button in Find Results dialog does not launch an editor (RH11)


      This has been a question ever since RH switched to the multi-doc interface, but I have just worked around it up until now.


      I am looking for a specific string and then I need to edit each file where it occurs. A simple replace won't do.


      After using Find & Replace in Files I get a list of topic titles in the Find Results dialog. If I r-click on a filename and choose Edit or or double-click a result in the list I get a window that only lets me Replace, Replace All, Undo, Next File or Save.

      How can I open a file from Find Results in RH Editor? Or even any editor? The window it opens in is not an editor.

      As of now I put Find Results on the left, Topic List on the right (sorted by filename) and manually open and edit each file from the Topic List. This is painful and slow.

      Has this gotten any better in 2015? I can't upgrade this particular project but would be good to know for future reference.