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    LR 6 and AMD FirePro driver 14.502.1045, 14 Oct 2015


      I have a i7-4770 desktop with Z87 motherboard, 16gb RAM, and a AMD FirePro V4900 workstation graphics card.  Since upgrading to LR 6, when I selected GPU acceleration in the Preferences/Performance tab I would get the "Graphics processor acceleration has been disabled due to errors" message.  This continued thru LR 6.1.1.  I didn't try it with LR 6.2 or 6.2.1 this past week as our focus was on the problems associated with those versions. Yesterday (14 Oct) I installed the latest FirePro driver 14.502.1045 after I rolled back LR to 6.1.1.  With this new driver, I am now able to select the "Use Graphics Processor" GPU acceleration without getting the error message. There is some noticeable speed increase in the develop module.  I can't quantify this increase but it seems some tools are slightly faster than the past several months using LR 6.