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    InDesign almost impossible to use since upgrade to Windows 10


      I have the full creative cloud licence running on a windows 10 PC with latest updates as per today's update with 8gb RAM.

      When I was on Windows 7, InDesign was great. I upgraded to Windows 10 and since then, InDesign has been terrible. Selecting objects, text/shapes etc is slow and delayed, often I have to click on a text box, press the esc key before I see the objects handles. Moving that object is often impossible. I have to minimise the InDesign window, then maximise it, and then for a minute or two I can edit a few things before we are back to square one.

      Come on Adobe, this software isn't cheap and you are supposed to be the worlds leading provider of design software. By now, your software should be able to do the basics on a 32pp A4 magazine which contains a few linked photos and text. When I take the same InDesign file back to the office and work on it on a Windows 7 machine, its fine and responds really quickly on a PC with the same spec.


      I know its not Windows 10 causing the problem as all other software works fine. I've been on-line and done the usual delete preferences file, change display settings etc but nothing seems to work. InDesign sucks at the moment. Adobe need to get some software engineers on this ASAP and ditch the bloated code and get the basic functionality of InDesign working well ASAP.