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    new branch

    guy from NM
      Dumb question: how do I create a new branch?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there guy from NM and welcome to our community

          Can you be a tad more explicit? What do you mean by "Creating a new branch"? Are you talking about a slide or an object of some sort?

          Maybe if you provide more detail we can more easily help you.

          Cheers... Rick
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            macrofireball Level 3
            Hello guy from NM,

            You cannot create a new branch in the Adobe Captivate 2 Branching view. Branching occurs automatically when you insert a new slide into your project. You can see this by opening up a Captivate file created in demonstration mode. Here you will see all the slides with the navigation option "Go to next slide" shown in the Navigation menu.

            In order to branch to a different part of your project file you select the blue arrow that appears to the right of your currently selected slide and then from the Navigation menu of the Link panel located over on the left hand side of your screen and choose another option such as "Jump to Slide". This will then display a new menu underneath that enables you to specify which slide you would like to jump to.

            If you were then to switch back to the Edit view and choose Slide > Properties and then look at the Navigation section of the Slide Properties dialog you can then see the navigation option and the slide number want to jump to.

            If you want to add branching using an interactive object such as a click box...Then you would start by inserting the said click box and specifying which slide you want to jump to.

            Again if you switch back to the Branching view you will notice that now you have a a green arrow. If you roll over this with your mouse point you will see that now the new options in the Links panel which enable you to change the properties of the interactive object, in this case a click box.

            If you were to add another click box to this slide (in Edit view) that on the last attempt were to jump to a slide much later in your Captivate project then you would get another arrow, but which will point to the slide you want to branch to.

            Whilst I am talking about the Branching view, here is something else to bear in mind. Let's say that for example I create a slide navigation branch from slide 1 to slide 17 if I look in the branching view I can see all the rest of the slides in my project. However, if I then add a click box to slide 17 to Slide 30 and again switch back to the branching view then I see the thumbnails for slides 1, 17 and 30 and then 31, 32 etc.

            This is because we now have a combination of both slide navigation and object navigation and therefore this is the flow learners will experience when I publish my project.
            This can take a little getting used to be in a nutshell since Captivate will ignore the
            slides that the learner won't be able to jump to they are not included in the Branching view.
            Hope this helps