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    Nvidia is planning to lock most new GeForce driver updates behind the GeForce Experience registration

    RjL190365 Level 4

      Is this the catalyst for Nvidia to push us non-gaming video editors to an overpriced, underperformance Quadro?


      Nvidia will be restricting unrestricted GeForce driver updates to quarterly releases for critical bug fixes. Any GeForce driver releases in between the quarterly bug fix releases will require you to not only have the GeForce Experience software installed, but also an e-mail address registration to the GeForce Experience site. This means that us video editors who are avoiding the installation of resource-hogging GeForce Experience software will be stuck with quarterly-only releases.


      Is Nvidia screwing casual gamers and non-gamers and targeting hardcore gamers with these new cards and drivers?


      Please feel free to share your thoughts about this plan from Nvidia.