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    Previous CC versions and folders remain after using cleaner tool - anyone else?

    Videowilk Level 1

      Windows 7 64gb ram, dual Q4000 cards: updating from 2014 to 2015 release - waited until I had finished projects on 2014.

      After using Control Panel to remove all Adobe programs (including removing presets/prefs/plug-ins that I had backed up), folders containing all files and programs going back to CS6 remained on my C drive. So I used Adobe Cleaner Tool as directed (choice 3 - CC). However the old folders containing programs, etc STILL remain...??? I then used Adobe chat to ask about this. I was told then to use Explorer to manually remove old folders. IS THIS CORRECT PROCEDURE? I remain a bit confused that both Uninstall through Control Panel AND Cleaner Tool appear to not really remove old versions. ADOBE STAFF: PLEASE CONFIRM THAT I SHOULD USE EXPLORER TO MANUALLY REMOVE OLD (CS6, CC, CC2014) FOLDERS FROM MY C: DRIVE. Thank you.