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    nvidia kaart in elements 14


      hoe kan ik de nvidia grafische kaart kiezen om de film te maken?

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          Premiere Elements on what computer operating system?


          Typically when you purchase a computer it comes with a video card/graphics card. If you have a Windows computer, look under Device Manager/Display Adapters to determine what card you computer uses. Some times it can be 2 cards instead of 1.


          What do you want to do...

          a. Buy a NVIDIA card to replace the video card/graphics card that came with your computer


          b. Something else?


          If it is "a", then I would consult with NVIDIA Customer Service on their cards to find out which are compatible with your computer environment.

          Help Me Choose a Graphics Card

          Remember Premiere Elements 14 does not support the NVIDIA Cuda cards as does Premiere Pro. There is some Hardware Acceleration in 14 if you have an Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher video card/graphics card.


          Please consider and give more information.


          Thank you.