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    I have lightroom 4 and am having issues with deleting images.


      I have owned lightroom 4 for years and had no problems. We recently got a new computer and I download the latest lightroom 4 from the website instead of using the disc.   For some reason when I am working and I go to try and delete images, it is not always an option and I can't find it anywhere.  Sometimes it is there and I delete them from the disc(because I no longer want them at all).  They are in the recycle bin, but also still in the folder where they were originally.  It is as if they make a copy to delete and leave the originals, which is not what I want.  I am storing and working from an external drive.  Does that make any difference?  Do I need to change some settings or something?  Please help! This is driving me crazy!  I am trying to keep the images on our new computer organized and I am trying to get rid of images that just clutter up space.  It is a pain to have to go delete in the file later.