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    How to copy processing data to other harddisk


      In the last month I realized that my harddrive gets to little for the rest of the year.

      So I bought two new big harddisks (for working and backup) and copied all the pictures to the new drives.

      I started a new catalog and imported all pictures from 2015.

      (For me one catalog is one year.)

      Now I have the old catalog with all processing information up to September connected with the old harddisk.

      And I have a new catalog with no information till September - but from Oktober on - connected to the new harddisk.


      What I like to have is all the information in one catalog.


      Now the question:

      How can I connect all the organizing and processing data to a new catalog and their pictures ?


      I think there has to be a way to do it, but I don't know it.

      The names of the pictures stayed the same, only the path has changed.


      Thank you for helping.

      If there are mistakes, excuse me, I'm german.