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    Ghost frame edges in interactive PDF export

    JoyceOdell Level 1

      Hullo. I'm taking a class which is using InDesign CC2014 for the Mac on iMacs which are running Mavericks. We have an assignment which entails placing a video (Photoshop .gif animation exported as .mp4) in a multi-page InDesign document and exporting the document as an interactive .pdf.


      What is happening is that any page following a page upon which a video is placed has an empty ghost frame edge the size, shape, and position of the .mp4 on the previous page.


      I've tried putting the .mp4s on a separate layer. I've tried exporting each page as a .jpd to flatten it before placing the .mp4 on it's layer on top of it. I have seen that paging through the .pdf after the videos have finished playing does not always invoke the ghost frame, but that it may or may not show up at random, sometimes showing up on the previous page if I am paging through back to front.


      I won't know until I get home whether the ghost also shows up if the .pdf is opened and played in Yosemite as well. I do not remember seeing it in the version that was exported there. But that version did show the ghost when played from the Acrobat player in Mavericks.


      Does anyone know whether there is a way to exorcise these ghosts?