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    Signing In

    Judge62 Level 1

      I am really upset with Adobe right now.


      I am running very late because of a problem I just had.


      I launched Lightroom 6; for the first time, it asked me to sign in.  I had to look up what my login and password were.  LR 6 has never asked me to do this before.  I then had to look up the software key for LR6 and enter it.


      If I log out of Adobe, I have to log back in when I try to use LR.  I do not want to have to be logged into Adobe in order to use LR 6.  I paid for the stand alone version about a month or so ago. 


      A weird problem happened when I upgraded to LR 6 about a month ago....I saw this login problem start to appear with LR 5, after I installed LR 6.  Why is it now happening with LR 6? 


      Anyway, I have to run since I am very late to an event I have to go to.  I do not want to have to log into LR, and I do not want to be logged into Adobe when I use LR 6.  I need this fixed today since I am leaving out of town Friday morning (and, by the way, I need to install LR 6 on my laptop later today since I'm taking it with me while I'm going out of town).


      I'll be back in 3 or 4 hours, and I hope I don't have to keep logging in like this.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Normally, you don't sign in and sign out.


          You sign in and then remain signed in. This is simply a way to activate your software and to make sure you don't use your license by applying your serial number more than the allowed number of times.

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            Judge62 Level 1

            No, DJ, I normally do not sign in and sign out.  What happened this afternoon was that when I launched Lightroom, I got a screen telling me that I needed to log into my Adobe account...it says "Sign In Required."  So I had to dig up my login and password to log in before using Lightroom.  LR worked just fine earlier in the day, without having to sign in. 


            Then, after I logged in, I got another screen which said "30 Days Remaining," and it looked as if I am starting some sort of trial of LR.  It asks me to either "License this Software" or "Start Trial."  If I hit "License this Software," I then have to enter my software key.  When this first happened, after I enter the software key, Lightroom then launches.  It looked as if all of the settings/preferences had been reset to default.  For instance, the number of images across a row in the Grid mode looked like the maximum number allowed, not the 4 I usually have.  The background in the Develop mode is gray, not the black I normally have.  Shadow clipping and highlight clipping were turned off (I normally have them always on).  I don't know what else has been reset, but it looks like many things have been.


            This is the first time this has ever happened.


            Are you telling me that Lightroom always is signed into my Adobe account?  I have never noticed that before, and I have had LR ever since version 1.x.


            Why does it come up telling me "30 Days Remaining" and looking like it is asking me to choose between a trial or entering my software key?


            I do not want to be signed into Adobe.  What happens if I have no internet connection?  Will LR not work because I won't be able to sign in?  I will be visiting my brother the next few days, and he has a very weak wireless connection in the room I normally stay in. 


            It appears that if I do sign out, I can still use LR (once it has been launched and I sign in).  But, then I have to sign in, again, when I relaunch LR, and I do not want to have to do this.


            I paid for a standalone version of the upgrade to version 6 on August 30th, not the cloud version.   On that day, a similar problem happened with my version 5.  I never got a good answer as to why that was happening.


            I was hoping to upgrade my laptop from version 5 to version 6 tonight before my trip tomorrow, but I'm not going to do that.  I can only hope that when I use LR 5 on my trip I do not have the same problem on my laptop.


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              Judge62 Level 1

              Another question, DJ.


              You say this is a way of ensuring I don't use my LR serial number more than the allowable number of times.


              I have always been told (by Adobe) that you can use LR on two machines....typically, your home desktop and your laptop.


              Is this still the case?

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                dj_paige Level 9

                Lightroom 6/Lightroom CC does things differently than previous versions. What you did in Lightroom versions 1 through 5 is irrelevant. So now there is a mechanism so that Adobe can make sure Lightroom is installed on at most two computers. This mechanism is "sign in" and "sign out". You would not sign in and then sign out when you are done using Lightroom, you would just sign in ONCE and remain signed in.


                Your Lightroom license is not going to expire in 30 days. Only Lightroom Mobile (which you have not purchased/licensed) is going to expire in 30 days. You can ignore the 30-days remaining message because it refers only to Lightroom Mobile, or turn it off. To turn it off: from the dropdown menu located in the top left Lightroom logo or faceplate, select pause next to "Sync with Lightroom Mobile"

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                  Judge62 Level 1

                  Well I wonder why it just acted up yesterday, asking me to sign in, after using it for over 30 days?


                  What is Adobe doing in there?  There was a big long statement which I don't have time to mess with; it said something about marketing and answering questions about what it might do with information from me.


                  What if I want my money back?  I don't have time to do this until I get back from my trip, but this is upsetting, and I might consider getting my money back.  Adobe did not even tell me this was happening.  I don't like the idea of being logged into something all of the time.  It's the reason I stopped using OneNote from Microsoft because they required you to be signed in to log in through the cloud in order to use it.  After all these years of not having to do that, they made you do that, so I stopped using it, even though I like it.  There are other programs which can do the same.  I'm considering the same with LR and just use the old version.  Why didn't Adobe notify me this was happening?  It's like Adobe is snooping on us, and I don't like it.


                  I will be out of town for awhile but will consider this, so I want to know how I can get my money back if I choose to do so.

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                    dj_paige Level 9

                    When you sign in, this simply allows Adobe to verify that you are in compliance with the part of the software license that restricts your serial number to being used on at most two computers at any one time. No additional information is being transferred to Adobe, and in fact you can disconnect your computer from the internet after a successful sign in, and Lightroom will work. I will not comment on your anger, but it seems to be fueled by misinformation and misunderstanding, which I have tried to correct.


                    I have no idea how you get your money back, you'd have to talk to Adobe about that rather than talking to someone who is not an Adobe employee in a public forum.

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                      Judge62 Level 1

                      I am angry at Adobe, not you.  I am angry because this has happened.  I don't like the idea that I have to be logged in like this, especially without being told about it.  And I bet Adobe actually is getting more information than just checking the serial number.  It makes you wonder why they give that very long spiel about marketing and what they might do with information they collect. 


                      Even if Adobe is only checking on that serial number (and I think that's a big "if"), I am still angry over the fact that this happened to me yesterday at a most inopportune time.  I had an event to shoot yesterday afternoon, and before I went there, I also needed to get into Lightroom to check on a few images I needed to send someone.  Then, that problem happened.  It kept me at home quite a bit longer than I wanted to be before I went to that event....I had to dig up my serial number, as well as my login info and password for Adobe.  And I'm still wondering why it all of a sudden just happened yesterday instead of when I first upgraded to LR 6.  I've heard from friends that the cloud version of LR only checks that serial number every 30 days (don't know if that's true or not), so it has made me wonder if that's what was happening with my standalone version....was it trying to check that serial number, because it was over 30 days (closer to 45, actually) that I first upgraded.


                      So, that's why I'm angry at Adobe....I'm not angry at you, and I appreciate your answers.  Thank you.