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    Displaying an ASP variable inside a SWF

    Steele Imaging
      Here is my basic delima:

      1. I have a website that will diplay a clients account information to them. The variable are all set once the client logs in. Nothing actively changes. However, there are so many clients, that the data pulled from the database would be to time consuming to create a custom SWF for each client. In addition, the client can update and edit their own information, so, the dynamics of these variable can change at random depending on who is logged on the system.

      2. Starting with the most simple example... I want to create a simple flash movie that will match the look and feel of the rest of my site. So, I need to ask the flash movie to go get, and then display, the following .ASP variables...

      <% =Session("First_Name") %>
      <% =Session("Last_Name") %>
      <% =Session("Company_Name") %>
      <% =Session("Phone") %>

      There are more variable, but lets just start with those...

      Can someone show me a basic action script that can tell the SWF... "Hey, expect to get these variable and then be ready to display them inside the movie."

      Whether its a dynamic text box or an Alert box, Window Component or data grid... I just need help getting started so I can figure out how this is done.

      Any help on this subject would be much appreciated.

      Dave Steele
      Steele Imaging, Ltd.
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