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      It may be an aspect of the color spaces kuler is using, but why can I not spec a pure grey? (HSV=0,0,80, or #cccccc for example) When I try, kuler transmogrifies #cccccc to #cca3a3, a sort of red.
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          3ABNPublishing Level 1
          I've had a similar stuggle. Even when using a custom matching method, kuler tends to twiddle with the other two sliders when you are moving one, and trying to get all three sliders to be an exact color (especially equal values, i.e., gray) is sometimes apparently impossible. Perversely, sometimes the one exact value that I want it will not accept: for example, I'll type 108, and it will change it to 113. Or it might change it 109, and then bump another slider's value up or down. Sometimes dragging the value slider way down will cause the saturation slider to suddenly shoot way up. Very frustrating.
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            I too am experiancing all of the above. I wish most of all that if I move one slider, that the others don't move!!!!
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi folks,
              The skittish color values panel and sliders are definitely on our radar as a must-fix, and should improve soon. We're a small team, and we appreciate your patience.