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    Table appearance in Contribute

      When I create a table in Contribute 2, it is by default "box-y" - hard square edges. Looks very 1991-ish to me. I want to round out the edges, like the tables in iTunes, or even the sidebars on the Macromedia Homepage. Can this be done. If so, how?

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          redbarron Level 1
          Tables will have square corners unless you insert images (via CSS typically) that give the table a rounded corner appearance. Contribute will only show what the code is asking it to show, so it's up to you as to how to add the corners. Here is an example of a page that shows this concept: http://www.rrps.net.

          Alternately, you can use CSS to apply a mozilla-based value to a DIV element (works only in Firefox, possibly in Opera at this time) that looks like this:
          -moz-border-radius: 15px;

          You would just change the pixel value to get a different size corner. Here's a page that shows this (if you have Firefox):


          Bottom line: you can't really change corners in Contribute unless your template is already set up to display them either using images or CSS.