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    Lightroom & Flickr - Multi-word tags


      I am using LR CC on a Win10 PC.  I am having an issue when I tag a photo with a multiple-word tag.  When I publish to Flickr using the LR plugin, all multiple-word tags show up both as single words and as the correct multiple word tag.  As an example, if I tag a photo with 'wisconsin state park', the tags on Flickr will read 'wisconsin state park', 'wisconsin', 'state', and 'park'.  Tags are separated by commas in LR and the 'separate keywords using' box is set to 'commas' in Preferences.  I tag with my camera and lens info too and so 'nikon 105mm f/2.8 g af-s macro 1:1 vr' becomes 'nikon', '105mm', 'f/2.8', 'g', 'af-s', '1:1', and 'vr' in addition to the uncorrupted full tag.  What a mess.


      I had no such tag issues when using LR 5 on my old PC.  It was 32-bit Win7 with 4GB RAM and was barely handling LR (it would run out of memory when publishing), so I built the new PC and was able to upgrade to LR CC (I have the CC suite but could not upgrade to LR CC on the old PC).


      It seems to me to be an LR issue and not Flickr based on me switching LR versions and the problem appearing.  On the other hand, if I change the Keyword Tags dropdown box to 'Will Export', all keywords/tags show properly.  Any solutions aside from using Freidl's plugin?  It seems to be this is a basic functionality that should be working properly.


      Thank you.