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    Ever since Flash Player the install hangs on Windows Server 2008r2


      Ever since the release of Flash Player we have not been able to install on our Windows Server 2008r2 without hanging at the "Windows Installer Coordinator" dialog box.   I've found somewhat of a fix for this with Microsoft's KB2655192




      "During the installation of any MSI package that uses the MsiEmbeddedChainer Table it will fail to install on Windows 2008 R2 when Remote Desktop Session Host Windows Installer RDS Compatibility is enabled. It fails because of an endless loop where the dialog box “Windows Installer Coordinator” is displayed."



      However,  the resolution posted isn't realistic for the amount of servers that we have.  My question is,  why did this just start with Flash   (its still happening with 207)  Has anyone come up with a better resolution?