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    Graphics card issue


      I have a workstation that I use primarily for basic Photoshop work. Sometime I edit simple video projects with PP but nothing more than 1080P AVCHD. The graphic card (Quadro FX 4800) is too old for the new PP. I can get playback with filters but it's jumpy.


      Just looking to put a cheap card for temporary purpose before I decide what to do. Will the new Quadro k420 or k620 give me simple playback with PP? I working with a single 27 inch monitor.


      Thanks in advance.

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          RjL190365 Level 5

          I wouldn't recommend either of those two low-end Quadros: Both of those GPUs have much, much lower memory throughput – and are thus significantly slower – than your current Quadro FX 4800. In fact, the K420 is (GPU-wise) half of a GeForce GT 740 (only 192 of its 384 CUDA cores enabled) with DDR3 graphics memory, while the K620 is exactly the GeForce GTX 745 that I have been warning users against (it is a GTX 750 Ti that's seriously crippled, with only 384 of its 640 CUDA cores enabled and using lousy-performing DDR3 graphics memory instead of the much more desirable GDDR5 graphics memory). Plus, you may have extreme difficulty reselling either of those Quadros after you get a more expensive upgraded GPU.


          Instead of wasting $150 to $200 on a Quadro that's almost as sluggish as the bottom-of-the-barrel GeForce GPUs, I'd recommend holding on longer with the FX 4800 and with Premiere Pro's renderer set to the MPE software-only mode, and save up for the Quadro that you really want (an Mxxxx or a K2200 or higher).

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            Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What is the rest of your system?

            OS, CPU, RAM, hard drive setup...

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              Millerjs Level 1

              Thanks for the recommendations. I believe the FX4800 is starting to fail so I was just looking for a quick fix. 5% of what I do is related to PP so I just need a single timeline to play clean. I will change the setting in PP and see if it makes a difference. My main focus is Photoshop.


              The reason I asked about a quick fix is I have an i5 at my house with no graphics card and PP2015 works fine. If you load it up with filters it won't playback clean but with clean video it plays fine.


              My workstation is running:

              Windows 7 Professional

              Xeon X5670 6 Core

              32 gig ram

              SSD internal

              3 drive internal RAID with 2.5 10,000rpm


              The workstation will not support the GTX cards. Need to use the Quadro line.


              Thanks again

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                Millerjs Level 1

                I have a another workstation that I can use with similar specs only faster processor. I have a GTX 660 or a GTX 960 that I can use. Would these give me simple playback at 1080P


                I see the GTX 660 is on the tweakers page.


                Thanks again.

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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  I suggest atleast the 960GTX 4GB card and you may want the 970GTX.




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                    Millerjs Level 1

                    Thanks. The thing is we have the cards already and I can use them if I want. I know that GTX660 was used with Premiere in the past without an issue - older version.

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                      cc_merchant Level 4

                      The GTX 660 works with all versions of PR without problems. It is not as powerful as the 960, but if you have the 660, use it and save your money for future upgrades.

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                        Millerjs Level 1

                        OK, at least it gets me by for now. I do see the 960GTX 4GB or better is probably the ticket.


                        Thanks again.