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    cancelling adobe subscription

    matteociaociao Level 1

      when things like this happens you really start to understand and why people pirate adobe softwares.


      i have been an adobe subscriber for more than 2 years (24 eur per mounth just for after effects its really too much, but that's another question), and i always thought that cancel my subscription would have been a question of few clicks in the menus.

      I couldnt be more wrong.


      you just CAN'T get out of the adobe cult when you decide to, you firts have to contact an adobe employee. so the possibilities are two:


      1  you wait for hours in a chat, (believe me they are gonna make you wait!)

      2  you must call adobe call center where an indian lady will answer you, and this is a big problem for me because my native language is italian and understanding this lady is very tough.

          plus is that an international call? i don't know, first they make you call a number in Milano and then i speak to an indian lady. how much i am gonna pay that call?


      last consideration:  if you have an annual subscription like mine and you cancel before the year end, they make you pay a forfeit (i asked the indian lady how much the forfeit is, but i really couldn't understand the answer, so how much is it?).

      i know the forfeit was on the contract that i agreed on, but after two years you still have penalty clauses it just seems unfair to me.


      these cheap tricks from adobe to make harder for people to cancel their subscriptions are really really miserable. I don't think i will ever be an adobe costumer again.

      recapping: how much is the forfeit for early cancelling annual subscription?

                        why you can't just cancel the subscription easily without contacting adobe costumer service?