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    Disabling "align to baseline grid" while preventing text from bouncing back to its original non-aligned place

    Hans-hans Level 1

      Hi! I'm making a book layout and I have a spread full of small text boxes that I have now neatly arranged with the help of "align to baseline grid". However, I would like to move the whole thing around my spread, but if I move it even a little bit, the same "align to baseline grid" thing messes up everything because it's trying to align the text to wrong places, and everything gets quite jumpy and messy. If I on the other hand turn off aligning, things get equally ugly, because the text boxes itself are not perfectly arranged, but baseline grid aligning just forces the text into neat lines.  So, I need to somehow make the align effect permanent so that when I disable it, the text doesn't move back to its original place. Kind of "flattening" the effect like in Photoshop. Any ideas how I could do that? Thanks!