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    Lightroom 6.2.1 using up all of my CPU


      Hello, I have recently updated to OS X 10.11 and at first Lightroom 6.2 seemed to operate Ok. It took a bit to start up but I don't know if that is due to my 5400 RPM hard drive in my late 2012  21.5 inch iMac. Yesterday when I tried to use Lightroom it took a long time to start up and was terribly slow. So slow that I could not use it. This morning I updated to 6.2.1. Now it starts up quicker but it is still terribly slow. I checked my activity monitor and Lightroom is using 93 % of my CPU in Library mode and 123% in Develop mode. I just checked my console application and have several crash reports and cpu usage logs from yesterday.

      I also see a cpu usage diagnostic report for today. I can copy and post this report if needed or maybe someone could direct me how to send it to Adobe. I use Lightroom for all my photo editing and right now I am dead in the water. I hope a fix comes soon.

      Regards, John M Breitigan