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    Latest update to LR 6 broke the import process


      I'm guessing this is one of many posts on the same subject but I think it's important to list it again and not bury it in another post's comments.


      The latest upgrade and changes to the Lightroom import needs to be removed and the old style import workflow returned. This is not a step forward in any way, and now changes the program from one that is useful to both professionals and consumers to one that is usable by none. The new subscription model forces Adobe to continually add new features, but changing something just to satisfy a need to show continuous updates is a bad idea. You got it right, add to it or enhance it, don't remove features and cripple functions.


      I would expect that with the backlash of negative comments already out, this will be changed back to the old method, but in the meantime I am going back to the version just before this update and will wait before updating again to make sure it is both stable and useful.


      There are many posts on how to roll the version back, here are a couple:




      Having Problems w Lightroom 6.2? Rolling Back the Update (Video) - Lightroom Killer Tips


      http://www.davidmarx.com/how-to-roll-back-to-adobe-photoshop-lightroom-cc-2015-1-1-lightro om-6-1-1/