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    Why does re-publish fotos not rename them?


      When I publish photos (e. g. to hard disk) they get a file name based on the naming settings at that point in time.

      When I change the rule and therefore the resulting name, the photos are marked for re-publishing.

      When I then re-publish, the photos keep their old name.

      Even if I remove the files in the export folder before re-publishing the photos are re-created with the old name.


      I know this is not a bug but works as intended, I just don't know why. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Why isn't there just an option "Re-name at re-publish"?



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you change the criteria of a Publish Service, it will only apply to those files newly published going forward.


          Re-publish is designed to update metadata in existing files e.g. changes made in the Library or Develop so the file name will remain the same.

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            michaelk75448493 Level 1



            that is fine. However, I can mark all files to be re-published and even then the filename remains the same.

            Publishing does not only change metadata. In most of my cases the publishing service will create jpg files from raw files and store them on disk. So each time a re-publish a new jpg file is created. It would be easy to give that new jpg file a new name based on the then applicable naming settings. However, Lightroom rather remember how the file was named initially and always uses this name. This could be OK is some cases, I would just like to have an option that I can click that will then apply the new name.