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    Strange printing problem

    peterpica Level 1

      Just had an ad book printed; had about 30 ads in book, and one had a printing issue. Seems that a 'whitish' box overprinted part of the ad. Looked fine on PDF proof. I did have a 'glow effect' applied to the logo, but neither the logo nor any object surrounding it had the 'squared-off' shape of the ghostly overprinted box that shows up in printed ad. Printer said it was due to several 'overprinting' issues and gave me a laundry list of Acrobat errors, beginning with 'noncompliance' with PDFx1-a or something. He wouldn't offer any solutions, however.


      This technical stuff is now beyond my age/salary grade. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening again when I export my InD file to Acro in print quality? What's really weird is that I had some InD effects applied to other ads in the book and there were no such issues in printed book.