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    Robo2015 hangs when adding an RHTML5 output to a Help project created in RoboHelp v11.


      RoboHelp 2015

      Windows 7


      I have an older web help system last produced with RoboHelp v11. I made a copy of the folder that contained it, renamed the top folder, and opened it in RoboHelp 2015. Responsive HTML5 was not an output option, so I added it via the Create Output button. I then generated the RHTML5 help system and saved the content. There were a few expected issues with the layout, but RoboHelp 2015 hangs and does not save the additional output type.


      When I restarted RH2015 and tried to reopen the Help file, I first had to delete the .cpd file.


      I can edit the topics and make layout changes, but if I try to delete an output type I have no need for or add RHTML5 to the list, it hangs. I can add RHTML5 and generate before it hangs. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


      I would like to pull this older Help system into RH2015 and convert it to the look and feel of a RHTML5 Help system I created from scratch. The original system was created at least 5-6 years ago. I'm not sure what version of RH it was originally created in. It probably contains 600 or so topics.