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    Unable to import template fields


      I have been trying to set up merge mapping to merge salesforce fields with my template.  I have created an agreement using an attached doc with the tags shown below.  I can send and sign that doc.  I then create a new merge mapping and import the signed doc.  It imports 6 fields but they are all echosign fields (first name, last name, title, etc).  None of the fields that I defined in the doc are showing up.  What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks for your help!



      Date: {{!date}}


      Building: {{!building}}

      Apt: {{!unit}}

      Resident Name: {{!tenant}}

      Tel: {{!phone}}


      I (we) hereby authorize: {{!visitor}}

      The use of my keys and access to my apartment From {{!fromdate}}     To {{!todate}}


      Resident Signature: {{_es_:signer1:signature}}.



      Guest Signature: {{_es_:signer2:signature}}.