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    $800 GPU Suggestions for a 4K workstation (will a 980 cut it?)


      Situation: A few weeks ago my old CPU failed on me so I decided to go for a full system upgrade minus the GPU as I was planning on using my old XFX Radeon HD 4890 XT 1GB until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to see if I could snag a deal. Now I am being informed my GPU is not working correctly so I need one now.


      Needs: I have upgraded my PC so I can hopefully get another 3-4 years out of it. I will be planning on using PP to edit up to 4K. Some minor Illustrator/PS/AE for title sequences but nothing heavy. I've been getting a lot of different answers, you need 2x GPU to handle 4K, that GPU won't help you at all, etc etc. I haven't played games in 4+ years but I will be wanting to play Fallout 4 when it is released but I don't need to run it on top specs, what's most important is finding a GPU within my budget that will help me edit 4K. I have heard VRAM is the most important when it comes to video editing, and CUDA support.


      At this moment, time does not equal money. We are just shooting passion projects on the RED Dragon here and there, eventually hoping to get into the commercial world where time will be money.


      Budget: $800 CAD after tax ( I can always crossfire down the road if needed).



      1) ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 980 Poseidon 1279MHZ 4GB 7.0GHZ GDDR5 DVI HDMI 3xDisplayPort PCI-E Video Card - $669.00

      2) EVGA GeForce GTX 780 967MHZ Superclocked W/ EVGA Acx Cooler 3GB GDDR5 6008MHZ HDMI SLI Graphics Card - $699.00



      Current Build - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kjzcpg)


      CPU - Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor

      CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

      Motherboard MSI X99S SLI Plus ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard

      Memory -  Kingston HyperX Fury Black 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 Memory

      System/Boot Drive - Samsung 840 Pro Series 256GB 2.5" Solid State Drive

      Storage - 2x 500GB HDDs (Temporary)

      PSU - TX750W ATX 12V 60A 24PIN ATX (Temporary)


      My old Omega 7.1 Striker is no longer compatible so I will be looking to upgrade that as well down the road.

      I will also be getting a new USB 3.0 Card Reader down the road



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          cc_merchant Level 4

          Option 1. Faster than the 780, but most importantly, it has 4 GB VRAM. 3 GB on the 780 may not be enough for 4K editing. The only drawback is that it does not support the obsolete Ray tracing in AE, but that is being phased out. Dual video cards are not an option with your CPU, so do not waste your time and money on those considerations.


          See Tweakers Page - What video card to use

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            Vic.BC Level 1

            I must have missed the memo with no Dual GPU not being an option with the CPU. I really prevaricate the quick reply. I guess the question now is because that is not an option do I just put the 980 Ti on the credit card, is the extra $$ really worth it though.


            As I'm just doing casual editing at the moment, I could always go with the 980 and when/if our production company does start making us some money, I upgrade to a Titan.


            On a side note, the Quadro Cards have also been suggested a few times.

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              cc_merchant Level 4

              Quadro's are overpriced and underperforming, as shown in the link I gave earlier.


              Even if you over clock the 5820 to around 4.5 GHz, you have difficulty in using all the power of the 980. The 980Ti may, may give a tiny performance boost over the 980 in this system, but the extra cost makes it an unattractive alternative.


              if you want to improve the system, invest in a couple of Samsung 850 Pro SSD's and a Samsung 950 Pro m.2 SSD if the mobo allows that for media cache.

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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                once you get past the gtx 970, all of the other gtx cards are expensive. the gtx 980 ti is a fair amount faster than the 980, with about 40% more cuda cores and extra 2gb ram. that places the 980 (non-ti) in an odd place, its just priced too close to the ti version and should be skipped in favor of the 980 ti or 970. the 980 ti uses the same chip as the titan x, but has about 10% disabled cuda cores and half the memory. i would go with the gtx 980 ti for the extra memory and power to help with the red footage debayering. if you did need to add another gpu later, you could run two 980 ti's at 16x/8x or 8x/8x, leaving 4-12 lanes available for another pcie card/device. quadro's are built to be more reliable, but at nearly 10x the price for same performance, should be skipped for use with adobe apps, since they do not use the extra/advanced features of the quadro cards.

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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  The 980Ti is definitely so close to the price range of the 980GTX there really is no need to consider the 980GTX if you want something better than the 970GTX card. I would always suggest the 980Ti or the Titan X card but the 980Ti is the best option for the price currently.