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    Problems with the InDesign - Lightroom workflow




      I'm trying to make a portfolio in InDesign using the pictures I have on Lightroom, the problem I'm having is that when I make an adjustment in Lightroom that adjustment is not saved to the actual file so the changes don't apear in the InDesign document.

      What I have been doing is adjusting the pictures on Lightroom, then opening them in Photoshop with Lightroom's adjustments, saving them as a different file and then placing them on the InDesign document. It works but its a total pain and I end up having 3 different versions of the same pictures.

      I'm making very slight adjustments in exposure and color so all the pictures fit together, and its so much easier and faster to do it on Lightroom than in Photoshop.


      Is there any way to save the adjustments I make on Lightroom on the file so InDesign can read them?


      Thank you!