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    Cant open photo's in Lightroom 2015


      I recently bought a new Nikon (D750) so my previous version of Lightroom suddenly wouldnt recognise the NEFF files which was never a problem from the Nikon D5100. So I bought the very latest version of Lightroom on a monthly subscription that came with Photoshop (which by the way NEVER loads, always says "stopped working")


      Anyway, it all seemed fine, it recognised the Neff files from the new camera, that was 2 weeks ago. Went on holiday, came back (computer has not been touched in that time) Save and create a folder for all my holiday snaps shot in RAW (Neff), when I highlight the photo and right click open with Lightroom, it now does not open the photos in lightroom.


      Whats the deal hear and whats the fix.....Oh, and why does Photoshop crash everytime??


      My operating system is an Intel i5 chip, 8GB Ram and a 1TB hard drive on Windows 8.