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    A Script To Relink Several of The Same Images in InDesign At Once

    DJ Jeremy

      Ok, so I have searched hi and low and cannot find the answer to this question.  Please read this carefully, I have tried to explain this in as much detail as possible and in reading other posts regarding the same issue, many of the responders have not understood what was really being asked.


      We are running both CS5 and CS6 and we have created templates and we need to be able to relink several occurrences of the same image.  For example, we have a template sheet with 30 business cards on it.  When we need to print business cards, we relink all or some of the current images to the new image files that have been created.  The problem we run into is, when we select the links in the "Link Panel" and click "Relink" it promps us to select the new file for EVERY image we are trying to relink.  So if we are relinking 30 images on the sheet, then we have to select the new image file 30 times.


      I have scanned through preferences and spent a crazy amount of time researching this online to try and find a resolution and there does not appear to be one for InDesign.  Again, I am hoping to find a script that will relink the same images without having to select the new file over and over again.  I am sure this is a simple script to write, unfortunately I am not a programmer so I am hoping someone in the community might be able to help with this.  And from what I have read SEVERAL people have had this problem, but they have not been able to get it resolved.  Please help!!!!


      Thank you so much for your time and your help is very much appreciated.