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    How do I import files previously imported from another source?


      I just upgraded to El Capitan (V 10.11) and Adobe LR CC (2015.2.2 - Camera RAW 9.2.)

      After editing images on an external drive, I copied the files and sidecars to a folder on the main drive. When I try to import the files from the main drive, there is no option to reimport them. I've tried every menu item available, but the items are grayed out. I've tried dragging the folder to the LR icon, importing from within LR, searching by catalogue (?) and all I get is "already imported".

      How do I get these files into LR again without the original (external) drive which is now off site for security purposes?

      I'm new to LR this year, so maybe I'm missing something obvious.


      - Mac Mini (Late 2012)

        i7 / 16 GB RAM / 1 TB HD

      - El Capitan (10.11)

      - Lightroom CC (2015.2.1)


      Thanks for any suggestions!