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    Possible? Printed output with "Track Changes" indicated


      Hi All:


      I have long ago given up single sourcing from FM into RH and am now generating my guide directly from RH.  I've started tinkering with the track changes, which is fairly handy in that it does not spray the content with formatting change indicators.  However, I can't seem to get the printed output to have the changed text look differently than the normal text. I *can* if I use ctrl-P and print to PDF within a topic or if I use the Review menu's Create PDF for Review. Then the changed text has the color/pattern to indicate that something is different.   I would rather *not* use the Review menu option since I need to tinker with it in Word first.  I can export it to Word from the PDF, but all the styling is garbled. 


      Has anyone found a way to get the track changes style to appear in Word output? ie: single source printed output with Track Changes indicated? PeterGrainge