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    convert colors and output intent


      I'm looking to script the color conversion of PDFs to Gray Gamma 1.8. I'm incorporating it as part of an applescript that finds images in InDesign with CMY colors, opens, converts colors, saves, and relinks. I have everything else in place except for the Acrobat portion. Documentation is less than helpful on the subject and I can't seem to find any info out there. I just need the images to be B&W only. Color converting via script doesn't seem like it should be challenging. Thanks for any help or advice in advance…

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Color conversion within a PDF is done using the Pre=flight tools, only available in the Professional variation of Acrobat.


          You my need to write your own color conversion pre-flight droplet and call that from within your Action.


          There is a pre-flight droplet to convert to gray scale but is it locked so I cannot tell if it will meet your requirement.

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            Thanks GKaiseril, but a preflight droplet isn't quite what I'm looking for. Droplets need installed as part of each stations installation. I'm looking at 40+ computers. The rest of the script just runs "under the hood" of the programs. I'm working with the pro versions of Acrobat, currently v11.x (although we have DC as well)

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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              With JavaScript one can create new menu items, tool bar buttons, and Actions that can run the droplet. The scripts for these new items could be added to one of the 2 application folders and the items would be added to the users copy of Acrobat when the user opened the application.


              The install for Acrobat can be customized to add JS script files tot the application folders so there is no need for a user to add the scripts manually. The scripts would be added upon install or when your IT function applies updates to Acrobat.


              Note all users must be using Acrobat Professional so one has access to pre-flight.