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    Where did the reverb come from

    guy from NM Level 1
      My audio has a nasty reverb after I publish. It does not appear when I am editing.
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          guy from NM Level 1
          I am answering my own question, but I figured this out and thought someone might want to know. Under Audio/ Advanced audio there are two little check boxes on the bottom: Include WAV and include MP3. i had both checked. I am thinking they both play slightly out of sinc, thus creating the reverb. When I unchecked Include WAV the problem went away.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi guy from NM

            I hate to be one that rains on a parade, but I'm thinking the check boxes are simply a red herring here. The problem may have corrected itself, but I'm very doubtful the check boxes had anything to do with it.

            It's my understanding that these simply control which output you end up with when clicking the Export button to export audio from Captivate 2. In Captivate 1, we didn't have a choice and always ended up with two different files. Now we can be more choosy.

            It is my understanding that any audio in Captivate is always stored in both .WAV and .MP3 formats internally. But when you publish, only the .MP3 format is actually included in the .SWF output.

            Cheers... Rick