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    Windows 10 Codec problem


      Hi All,

      I've just upgraded to W10 and now find that I cannot view thumbnails of my cameras raw files (*.dng).

      There doesn't appear to be a Codec available like there was with Windows 7 and XP

      Am I looking in the wrong place (Adobe.com and Adobe.co.uk) or is that there just isn't one available yet?




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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Bernard,




          Which version of Bridge are you using?

          Please follow this article Generic icons | Camera raw files | Adobe Bridge

          Let us know if that helps


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            bjg74262076 Level 1

            I'm not using Bridge.

            Within a folder I have camera Raw files (*.dng) and ordinary *.jpg files.


            jpg files show themselves as small thumbnail images

            dng files just show an icon


            When I used XP and Windows 7 I could also see the dng files as thumbnail images (I did need to download and install a suitable Codec to do this - (see DNGCodec_2_0_Installer.exe from Adobe).


            Now that I've changed to Windows 10 this Codec doesn't work -ie I do not see the small thumbnail images, just icons. I cannot find a W10 version




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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I did a web search and it appears that the DNG codec hasn't been updated for about three years. I'm using Windows 10 and have not having problems seeing the DNG file images when using the file browser. Are these DNG files created using the DNG converter or converted using Lightroom or Bridge? Or are these DNG files coming directly from a camera that shoots in that format?

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                bjg74262076 Level 1

                Thanks Jim.

                The Raw (dng) files are straight out of my camera, and whilst I can view them using my camera editing software/or photoshop, its nice to be able to move them to appropriate folders without having to load up an extra program.


                I've also noticed that pdf files are also simply shown as icons rather than thumbnails of the front page. Again it would be nice to be able to move these without invoking Acrobat.


                Now that I've realised that 2 functions are 'lacking' I'm wondering if my windows 10 is giving problems (it did take some 2 weeks to download and get going)




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                  Hi there,


                  I have the same problem over here. I just bought a new computer with Windows 10 installed on it and I'm also using Lightroom 6. In the past, I converted my raw pictures (from a canon camera) into dng using Lightroom and before in Windows 7 there was no problem viewing those DNG pictures in Explorer (using the dng codes as mentioned above). The question is, if Adobe or Microsoft have a new codes which enables to view dng files in Explorer Windows 10. I have the impression this codes has yet to be develloped.


                  If anyone finds this codes, please tell us about it.


                  Greetings from Belgium,


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                    Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                    I've always had problems viewing thumbnails for DNGs and RAWs in Windows 8 and Windows 10's Explorer. I just chalk it up to Microsoft being lackadaisical and just use Bridge.

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                      I have windows 10, and dng files in my folders. AND the file explorer WAS displaying the letters DNG instead of the thumnaiil image, but no more!

                      I installed adobe's dng codec for windows 7 on my new windows 10 laptop, and it now works

                      It didn't appear to work to start with, maybe because I didn't restart windows when prompted, so I unistalled the codec.

                      But I tried again, I re-installed it from the adobe website (even though it says its for windows 7 and not windows 10), restarted my windows 10 computer (twice), waited about 20 mins before going into 'file explorer'  and navigating to the folder of dng images in my pictures folder, then I clicked on the first image in the folder and the thumbnail changed from DNG to the image!  and slowly the remaining thumbnails changed to images too....

                      YEY, what a result...SO  it worked..

                      it was slow updating all the thumbnails in the folder as the dng files ARE large, but its working! SO i'm happy now.

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                        Try the free soft SageThumbs - previewing of .dng (and not only) thumbnails work very quick! For best results uninstall Adobe codec.