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    is this normal? slow import and previews

    getho Level 1

      My computer is a bit old, but still - it has a xeon processor at 3,8ghz, 12gb ram, ssds ,gtx970.

      Copying via usb 3 took 4 minutes to import 168 36MP raw files (nikon nefs - 40mb each). It then took 26 minutes to create smart previews and 1:1 previews. 


      Are these similar to what everyone else is experiencing?  Or is it just me?

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi getho



          Which version of Lightroom are you using?

          What is the Destination you are Adding/copying to?

          Please refer Optimize performance


          Let us know if that helps


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            getho Level 1

            its CC & up to date:15.2.1.  Its is also optimised.  (Lightroom preview cache and catalogue on same ssd, camera raw on boot ssd, destination files going to raid5 array).  I dont think this is a hard drive issue.  None of the optimisations I've ever done (including buying new raid drives and trying to put different LR folders on different drives have ever made any appreciable difference.  The times I quoted aren't new - I mean i've just got used to this level of slowness and usually let the import happen whilst I'm doing something else.  Today though was different - I had 5 shoots to import, the import process maxed out the CPU, I couldn't do much else and the import and selection of about 20 shots per shoot has taken me 5-6 hours.


            I'm curious whether people out there using similarly specced systems and MP raw files see the same sort of times.

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              I'm using LR6 as a standalone version and it is slow! Not only the importing is slow but also the loading of 1 picture. Say I have a collection of 300 RAW-Photos (approx. 20 MB per RAW) selected. I double click on 1 picture. It takes between 20 and 30 seconds until the picture is fully displayed (all settings loaded). I just can't work like that. Going through new fotos for a first evaluation takes forever. Before I just do right-cursor, x, right-cursor, x and so on. Now it's right-cursor...wait..wait..wait...,x, right cursor...wait...wait and so on. And it seems like the standalone version does not even receive bug fixes? So to answer your question, yes LR6 is slow, much slower than LR5.


              My System: Core i5 4650, 8GB Ram, 250 gb Samsung SSD where the LR Catalog is located, Intel HD4500 onboard graphics.


              Edit: this is embarrising.  I just read the Optimize performance for LR and it says one shoud check for updates. I assumed that LR would automaticly update or at least tell me that an update is present. Well, I just checked and LR6 updated from 6.0 to 6.2.1. And it seems: LR is much faster. Almost no waiting between fotos.

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                getho Level 1

                sorry: windows 8.1


                lars did you render 1:1 previews prior to looking at the shots?