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    Update Flash Member..

      Hi ..
      I used flash member in my project.
      How to change color sprite (flash) on screen and flash member (cast) change too ?
      Thank for any help ?
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          duckets Level 1
          You can apply a kind of 'tint' to the whole sprite by using the sprite color properties in the sprite tab of the property inspector (or setting the sprite .color property in lingo), but to edit individual elements of the swf, I believe you need to go back to the .fla source and edit it in flash.

          hope this helps

          - Ben
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            the real POTMO Level 1
            thats right as ben says. You can only ser variables sutch as the colour of an flash in the sprite (one instance of the cast member) not the cast member itself.
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              Level 7
              If you want to modify the color of a MovieClip within your Flash cast
              member, probably the easiest way is to code a color function within Flash
              and then just call that from Director.

              So, in your Flash movie you would add a function like so:

              import flash.geom.ColorTransform;
              import flash.geom.Transform;

              function newColor(whichClip, newCol){
              var ct:ColorTransform = new ColorTransform();
              ct.rgb = newCol;
              var tr:Transform = new Transform(this[whichClip]);
              tr.colorTransform = ct;

              And in Director you can now color any clip by calling newColor:

              sprite(3).newColor("aSquare", "0xFF0000")

              which would color the MovieClip 'aSquare' solid red.


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                KAZE2000 Level 1
                Hi - Ben, the real POTMO , DMennenoh
                Thank you for your help :)

                Yes I can change color flash sprite on screen.

                But when I use imaging lingo


                Why image "im1" is capture old color ?

                How to use imaging lingo to capture flash member with new color ?
                (not capture form the stage)

                Thank you very much
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                  duckets Level 1
                  edit: (oops, posted to wrong thread!)