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    Should I use Bridge if I have Lightroom?

    Roy Kaye Level 1

      Hello, I have LR & PS CC. I'm fine with LR and have just signed up with Lynda.com to learn PS. The tutorials seem to talk about Bridge/PS, but I would prefer (I think?) to use LR/PS. My main concern is the best way to take photos from LR to PS, and whether Bridge would be better. I'm wondering, if say I want to send photos from different LR folders to PS, either at the same time or say take one or two to PS, then decide I need to work on another, what would be the best way - would it be optimal to create a collection first? Or would Bridge be better/easier? (can I forget Bridge altogether?)


      Every tutorial also seems to use PSD files in Photoshop, whereas I read TIFF is better - any advice on this?


      Thank you