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    White lines when slicing an image




      I'm trying to slice up this UK map into it's various regions, so that one someone hovers over Scotland the hover state for the Scotland region shows up.

      That all works fine but when I zoom in or out in the browser I get a series of white horizontal and vertical lines like in the image below, is there anyway to get rid of these?





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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          Which browser? It depends on the browser used. Certain browsers, such as Safari, may have issues with sliced images when zooming in or out.


          This is due to rounding errors. There really is not a lot you can do to prevent this, other than trying to work around these errors by being precise up to 4 decimals - but even then it may not be perfect.


          In truth, you should not be using image slices and tables anymore to create effects like these. A much better and cleaner solution would be a SVG version.

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            lewisb68282932 Level 1

            Currently Google Chrome. But I've just started using SVG's and your definitely right - it appears to meet my needs very nicely, thank you!