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      My name is Brian. This is addressed to the complete f***ing idiots at Adobe and the only way I "fill out a contact form" since the site no longer has one and you have to make several laps through useless and worthless information before reaching any meaningful point. Just what the hell is going on w/ flash player?! I've been fighting w/ your product for months now and you're just now coming out w/ an update that doesn't work worth a *******? How long have you known about this little security issue? I find it impossible to believe that you just found out although I find it completely plausible that you knew and were acting like s***-throwing chimps in a room and did nothing about it. I've tried updating my flash player for both Internet explorer AND firefox MULTIPLE times to no avail. I even followed the instructions and uninstalled any previous version and then installed this beta version only to find out that some of the things I do online are telling me that THIS VERSION IS ACTUALLY OUTDATED! IS THERE ANYBODY THERE THAT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE THE FACT THAT A PERSON'S HEAD IS SUPPOSED TO REST ON THEIR NECK AND NOT UP THEIR *** AS WELL AS CAN POSSIBLY-GOD WILLING-PRODUCE SOMETHING THAT JUST MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK?! IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND FALL OUT A 50TH FLOOR WINDOW AND SPARE THE WORLD YOUR COMPLETE LACK OF GOD-GIVEN INTELLIGENCE AND STUPIDITY!