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    Adobe Lightroom 2015.2.1 - Can't access images using the "Browse Computer" import option


      Hello everyone,


      I just downloaded and installed Lightroom 2015.2.1. When I click on "Import", I am given a few options to choose from, one of them is "Browse Computer". When choosing this option and opening the folder that I need, there are no images displayed and the folder looks empty with a "no items match your search" title. This is true for EVERY folder on my computer.


      What's weird is that if I click on "select folder" at the bottom right hand-side of the window, the images from that folder WILL be imported even though when the folder is open, they are not displayed. However, I want to choose specific images and not to import the whole folder.


      What is going on and how can I fix this?


      I saw another thread from a few days ago of someone having the exact same problem, but without a fix.