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    Cycle Between Duplicated [Adjustment/Radial] Pins?

    ColdForest Level 1

      I'm sure this must have been discussed before but my searches haven't turned anything up.


      I often want to duplicate radial filter pins. Typically this is in order to apply (identical) *inverse mask* adjustments. When I "duplicate" the first radial filter the new pin is created directly over top of the original one. I'd like to be able to cycle between these pins (without having to *move them*) in order to tweak each filter's adjustments. Is there a shortcut for this cycling (I couldn't find one)? Do I really have to move the new pin in order to reveal the *original* pin if I want to make adjustments to the original filter settings?



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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi ColdForest,


          The time we create a New Radial Filter, it is supposed to be created right above the previously created Radial Filter.

          And as of now there is no such shortcut to move the Duplicate Radial Filter, so you need to move it manually.

          Or you may create a new Radial Filter by Alt+Ctrl on PC or Option+Cmd on Mac.




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            ColdForest Level 1

            Thanks Tanuj.


            This is unfortunate as it makes it difficult to determine when/if there are multiple pins present at the same location. There may even be more than two pins stacked here (each with different masks and/or settings) and the inability to navigate between these without physically moving the pins is, in my mind, a fairly serious deficiency.


            Having said that, it seems that this would be a simple thing to support. One idea would be to visually indicate a set of stack pins in a unique way ('+' sign within the pin) and then to provide a keyboard shortcut to cycle through these pins when they are highlighted.