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    Color profile - conditions


      I have a task to solve and I don't know how to write a condition. Maybe you can help : "Create a script that detects if the image uses a color profile. If used, the script should report the name. If not used, it must inform the user that does not use color profile".

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          xbytor2 Level 4

          Try this:


          if (app.activeDocument.colorProfileType == ColorProfileType.NONE) {

            alert("This image does not have a Color Profile");

          } else {

            alert("The Color Profile of this image is: " + doc.colorProfileName);


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            natrev Level 3

            Hi Polkomatik,


            Try this...



                function CHK_Profile(){

                    var doc = app.activeDocument;

                    var myDocname=doc.name

                    try {

                        var ecp=doc.colorProfileName;  

                        alert("The Color Profile is - " + doc.colorProfileName);


                    catch (er) {

                        alert("The Image has untagged color profile.. !!!\n\n");