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    HorizontalList LiveDocs example

      I want to make a HorizontalList control load labeled images like in the LiveDocs example here. I'm trying to build the example - I put the main code in main.mxml and I create a MXML Component named "Thumbnail.mxml" in the same directory and I create the catalog.xml file in folder named "assets" that looks like:

      <image> http://www.domain.com/image1.jpg</image>
      <name>Some Name</name>

      <image> http://www.domain.com/image2.jpg</image>
      <name>Some Other Name</name>

      .. but when I run the project an empty list appears.

      I wanted to ask:
      1. Do you know if I can download the example with all the files from somewhere?
      2. Do you have an idea why it's not working here?

      I'd highly appreciate any help!