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    Awful, unusable Lightroom CC 2015 2.1 (aka Lightroom 6.2)


      I am unable to use the current version of Lightroom CC. The menu bar disappears shortly after launching and only appears right after relaunching and then can't be accessed  Thumbnails take forever to load, if they load at all.  The menu panel top, bottom and sides take forever to move, if they move at all.  The software is basically useless.  We all worried that \ Adobe's move to the cloud would be risky and this is a good example.  I have no way to go back to the prior version and my catalogues have been updated to the current version so I don't even know if the older version would be able to use the new catalog.  I am unable to work.  This software should have never been released and the fix issued last week has only made things worse. 


      I have tried purging the caches but only the video cache returns a message that is has been purged.  There is no message after clicking to purge the RAW file cache.    Does anybody have a suggestion for how to get things working or a workaround?