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    What happens to images synced with Lr Mobile when the images are offline in Lr?

    CincyTriGuy Level 1

      tl;dr: If I sync an image from Lightroom to Lightroom Mobile, and the image is on an external drive that goes offline, will anything happen to the sync'd version of the image on LR Mobile when I launch LR and it can't find the image? Will LR invoke a re-sync that removes the image from LR Mobile?

      Long version: I currently have 2 LR catalogs, 1 on my Windows desktop and 1 on my Macbook. My desktop is my "master" that contains my full archive and its images physically reside on my NAS in my house. The catalog on my Macbook is my working catalog that I use for importing and editing while I'm in the field. Finished images go from my Mac catalog to my desktop catalog, and once they're in my desktop catalog I move them to my NAS for long term backup and storage. I'm sure this is a fairly typical setup.

      I use LR Mobile to sync my favorite images so they're available for viewing and showing off on my iPad. I also use LR Mobile on my iPad for rating and culling images that I still need to process. Adobe CC only allows for a single catalog to sync with LR Mobile, so the catalog on my desktop is the one that I use for syncing.

      For a variety of reasons, it would be more convenient if I used the catalog on my Mac instead of my desktop for syncing with LR Mobile. However this means that I would need to sync archived images that reside on my NAS, and when I use LR while I'm traveling, those images on my NAS obviously wouldn't be available. (Yes I realize the placeholder and preview would still be in LR).

      So the question is, when I launch Lightroom on my Macbook and an image that it's syncing to LR Mobile isn't available because it's on my NAS back at my house, will that in any way affect the sync'ed version of the image? Will Lightroom say, hey, I can't find this image so I'm going to take it off LR Mobile?

      Hope that makes sense.