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    Unrendered (blank) pages in PDFs  [Android]


      In my original comment in the Play Store (which I accidentally deleted) I wrote that regularly certain pages of my newspaper will appear blank and I therefore now use an alternative PDF reader. In response to my comment the developer team asked me to explain the steps in which I am observing the issue at this forum along with some sample PDFs.


      Here we go: My device is a Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition (GT-I9505G) running Lollipop 5.1.1. Currently I have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader 15.2.2. All settings are default and I always read PDFs in Single Page mode. Normally I download newspaper PDFs to SD card and read them later. A sample PDF that remains blank at page 16 on my device can be found under the following URL: https://goo.gl/4i9kbw


      Thank you for looking at this problem.

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          abhissha Adobe Employee (Admin)



          I checked the PDF which you have uploaded here and noticed that few pages showing as blank. But when I left the file opened in Reader for about a minute all pages rendered correctly. I think it is just because of the content of the document why those pages are showing blank initially because they are taking time to load up.

          I tried it on my phone which has a FHD screen with SD 801, Android 5.1.1 and everything was coming up fine after I left the file opened for about a minute. I think it is just an issue of loading the document content and how much time it took to do that which depends a lot on processing power of the mobile device and RAM.




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            fm99 Level 1

            Hi Abhishek,


            Thank you for the testing on your phone.


            Unfortunately the page cannot be displayed on my device - no matter how long I wait. I have this issue regularly with "complex" pages. Such pages are either rendered very slow (30s+) or not at all.


            This problem also existed on Kitkat and reinstalling the Adobe Reader doesn't help either. In contrast, other readers are successful and faster in processing the PDFs in question. As for page 16 of my sample PDF: Google Drive PDF viewer shows the page in about 10s and the Dropbox PDF viewer needs approx. 7s.


            It looks to me as if the Adobe Reader does not fully support the HW of my device.



            F. M.

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              abhissha Adobe Employee (Admin)



              Thank you for your response. Let me check more details about the hardware support.