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    Flex2 Dreamwearer 8

      I have not yet purchased Flex 2 but I am a dreamweaver user will flex 2 replace dreamweaver as the editor or will I use flex 2 for the UI and dreamweaver for the backend coldfusion? Is there any integration between dreamweaver and Flex2 or am I missing the point?
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          hey.. this is still an interesting topic.. did anyone reply?
          my understanding is that i can use an IDE like MS Visual Studio and work with the flex2 sdk. why not use the flash 8 or soon to come flash 9 or macromedia 8 or 9?

          flex builder is yet another ide which I would like to avoid if I can get the same functionality through flash 9 upgrade, or MS VS...I am still hoping to see my investment in Director MX somehow allow me to upgrade into a tool that can easily handle a 3D spatial database across the web.

          perhaps FLEX will allow me to wrap around another html browser plugin and use another 3D viewer... or will I need to wait for Apollo?

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            My guess is that lots of people will be using Eclipse with CFEclipse and FlexBuilder on top of it.