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    Difital will not properly install nor run after install


      OK, having issues with Adobe Digital starting, did a complete uninstall and then reinstall. Didn't work in 4.5, so went back to 3., same problem, un-installed again and re-installed 4.5.


      This is on a Win 8.1 system


      What I now get is  ""D:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions 4.5\DigitalEditions.exe""


      However, if I manually follow the path in Win Explorer the program runs.


      The issue started when I realized that my Nook Book will not show up in Adobe Digital. I have them in my library on the Nook but can not administer them in Digital


      Spend 45 minutes on  the phone with Nook support,No luck, any ides appreciated.